Tips to run properly for children

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According to experts, the “running” which is performed at moderate intensity and adapted to the physical condition of each child is a good choice. We have all seen that children mimic the actions of their elders. So when the question comes “Papa, can I join?” We must be prepared. “Running for a child must be, above all, a game,” explains Dr. Eva Ferrer Vidal-Barraquer, author of the book “Change your life, get to run” (Ediciones Oniro). “It is always easier to do sport if it is a fun activity that he does not feel like an obligation,” he adds. That is, he continues, “if we decide to go jogging with them, we have to approach it as a moment of pleasure and let them give their opinion at any time about it.”
Ferrer also recommended following a set of guidelines that can lead to the child continue with this hobby throughout his life. Psychologically it is important, says this doctor, “that the child receives positive reinforcement from their parents. If they explain to their children what they feel when running, children will understand. But great care. Keep in mind that children are not small adults, they have special characteristics that must be taken into account. For this, we need to be flexible and adapt physical activity the child, and their ability to get accustom to exercise “. In this article, we will give you tips to run properly for children.

How to involve a child in the ‘running’

First of all, tips to run properly for children, parents must be “sensible” and “responsible”, says Ferrer. “That child will never feel he is an obligation. It must be a game and as such a fun activity. ” To do this, there are a number of tricks that parents can always start. For example, choose a circuit or room to run is not boring. “Thus, the familiar phrases” get tired “,” I’m bored “will not appear, or as little, they take to say. We must be realistic” said this doctor. Another advice is to take the small open spaces between nature, beach, park … So feel free. Besides the adult will discover firsthand flowers, trees … and many other things that you probably have not ever set previously. ” And besides, “the child get off steam, they said our grandmothers. And that is something we all appreciate. ” Out of all tips to run properly for children, this is the most important.
This would be the plan to follow that appears in the book “Change of life, please run”, which is programmed according to the child’s age:

The smallest up to 5 years

If the running is the chosen activity has to take into account that doctors and coaches advise not to start running below age five. Until then certain maturity is not reached in the manner and posture required to run, the child is easier to get the injury. “And as we have said before we recall the doctorate, if we want the child to enjoy it, should be part of a game and he feels he is not forced, we do not go with demands.” For kids at this age, it is advisable to opt for best shoes for plantar fasciitis .

From 5 to 8 years

Tips to run properly for children at this age: “At this age we can make the running part of their usual games (catch-up, the hiding, the pañueño, etc.). The goal is not technically run but the game involves running, and in any case, be increased distances. Thus, inadvertently, children spend a good time running, working your legs, your cardiovascular system, and also respiratory, but without being subject to technical rules.

8 to 12 years

One of the ten golden rules of running is at this age, what usually happens is that run “like crazy”. They would like to reach the goal or complete the course they are determined but are not able to measure their strength. “We must explain, without big words or solemnities, which means running and that there is a technique to not get so tired.” “This is also the ideal age this -continued Ferrer, the child leaves for the bike next to his parents and goes feeling what it is to run. It’s a good way to begin to experience what may be the day you leave and run with dad or mom. ” Of course, he insists, “we must continue to emphasize the playful part of the running.”

From 12 years

The evolution and development at this age are brilliant. They have an awesome to improve and achieve personal challenges easily. Join a single race like 5 kilometers, with no expectations but with the idea of ending is a magnificent goal at this stage of its growth. Yes, Ferrer warns, “you may then also come a time when our child is not comfortable running. For the parent who is a “runner”, it is difficult to assume. We know. In such case, we must always respect the will of our children. It’s your life. ” But if the creature finally decided by athletics, and specifically by the “running”, parents should be there to show their support.

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