Mountain Bike vs Road Bike – Which One Suits You More

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Finding a suitable bike is no easy task, especially if you just start taking on biking or do not have any previous buying experience. A common question that people often ask when shopping for bikes is which one is better: a mountain bike or a road bike. In fact, none is really better than the other because it depends on the type of riding that the buyer aims at. The best hardtail mountain bike under 1000 (see the site mountainbikeez for more details) is more suitable for unpaved environment while a road bike fits commune and recreation purposes; therefore, their designs are not the same. The quick guide below will walk you through the differences between them.

1. Usage Purpose

A road bike is an ideal choice when you want to hit the road as a form of fitness, for recreation or touring. It especially fits for riding a long distance in a short time for both beginners and seasoned riders. You can think about it is a popular form of street transport on paved roads. It is very efficient, quite lightweight and often looks fashionable. The downside is it can be fragile and you need to watch out for tyre punctures
On the other hand, if you look a bike mainly for short distances which can withstand rough terrain, this is when a mountain bike comes into the picture. Durable and versatile, it is more suitable for off-road adventures (even though it can work fine on unpaved environment with a change of proper tyres). Take note that it can be heavier and slower than a road bike, though.

2. Designs

There are a lot of differences between a road bike and a mountain bike as each is designed for a specific purpose.
Mountain bikes aim to conquer tough terrains and come in 2 basic types of suspension with great brakes. One is hardtail that comes with a front suspension fork but no rear suspension shocks. The other is full-suspension bike that has suspension shocks both at the front and the rear; therefore it is the better choice to deal with very bumpy tracks. For a road buy, suspension is not necessary; without it, the bike can roll even faster and easier. The gears in a mountain bike are often lower, allowing it to deal with steep terrains.
In terms of tyres, mountain bikes have more durable and thicker tyres in various sizes. Tyres or road bikes are narrow and mostly meant for riding on smooth surfaces so punctures can really be an issue.
You will find two main types of handlebars on road bikes: drop-bar and flat bar handlebars. The first one is more suitable for fast riding (and thus is more popuar) while the second one helps reduce strain on your writs and shoulders, allowing you to sit in a more upright position. For mountain bikes, you can choose between flat and riser bars.
In conclusion, a road bike is most likely what you need for a quick and smooth ride over a long distance. If speed is not the top priority and the terrain is rough, you will do well with a durable and versatile mountain bike.

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