Bottecchia road bike will be the choice of the professionals

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Many people cycling to fitness but with cyclists of the classic race, the name of Bottecchia road bike became too familiar. This brand is the top priority selection with most of them. When you are not a cyclist or a collector, you will be in a divided mind as to how to choose. However, this brand has itself the collection of a bicycle that any cyclists also want to own. To help you get best road bikes under 1000, Ezroadbike will support for you several famous brands of the Bottecchia bike.

Bottecchia road bike

One of the perfect brands for Bottecchia road bike line is Cf66 Pro.

It is owned a frame which is enhanced by a carbon fiber fork. In addition, both a Shimano Ultrega derailleur and shifter are supported for this type of a bike. Moreover, you will be owned a bike with full of power because it is equipped FSA SLK carbon fiber and Mega-Expo bottom bracket. It can say that all cyclists want to have this bike.

If you compare the Bottecchia CF662 with the Bottecchia CF66 Pro, both will have several different features. The Bottecchia CF662 also has the Shimano Ultrga derailleur and shifter. Even, it not only is owned 105 components and the FSA Gossamar alloy crank but also has s ISIS bottom bracket and a Vuelta Pro wheel. In comparison with the Bottecchia CF66 Pro, this bike is better. This is also the choice of racers on the weekend. Are you ready? Let’s begin for your adventure with the Bottecchia CF662.

Next to, you will come with the hard-core professional which is the Bottecchia CF78.

Although this product is owned features the same as the Bottecchia CF66 such the FSA SLK carbon fiber crank and the Mega-Expo bottom bracket, it has other unique features such as the derailleur with Shimano Dura ACE and the wheel with Vuelta XRP Pro. Do you want to experience it? With the hard-core bike, you will be able to ride anywhere that you would like.

The following bike will be the Bottecchia USA road bike which is made from Columbus. In addition, the frame is designed with aluminum and carbon in Taiwan. It can say that this product is perfect. Of course, it will not cause disappointed to you. Nevertheless, this product is only distributed on the United State with its USA brand.

  • Are you a professional cyclist?
  • Would you like to ride on a weekend?
  • Do you need a hard-core professional?
  • Or even, are you looking for a suitable road bike for yourself?

It can say that the Bottecchia road bike will be a perfect selection for you. It will be able to satisfy your demand.

Simply, you only need to select the suitable bike from the size to the quality. Accordingly, the style and the ability are wanted. You can consult the professionals in order to help you have the right decision. You will have more than what you think with the Bottecchia road bike. Let’s choose for yours the suitable brand!


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