Mountain Bike vs Road Bike – Which One Suits You More

Finding a suitable bike is no easy task, especially if you just start taking on biking or do not have any previous buying experience. A common question that people often ask when shopping for bikes is which one is better: a mountain bike or a road bike. In fact, none is really better than the other because it depends on the type of riding that the buyer aims at. The best hardtail mountain bike under 1000 (see the site mountainbikeez for more details) is more suitable for unpaved environment while a road bike fits commune and recreation purposes; therefore, their designs are not the same. The quick guide below will walk you through the differences between them.

1. Usage Purpose

A road bike is an ideal choice when you want to hit the road as a form of fitness, for recreation or touring. It especially fits for riding a long distance in a short time for both beginners and seasoned riders. You can think about it is a popular form of street transport on paved roads. It is very efficient, quite lightweight and often looks fashionable. The downside is it can be fragile and you need to watch out for tyre punctures
On the other hand, if you look a bike mainly for short distances which can withstand rough terrain, this is when a mountain bike comes into the picture. Durable and versatile, it is more suitable for off-road adventures (even though it can work fine on unpaved environment with a change of proper tyres). Take note that it can be heavier and slower than a road bike, though.


running children

Tips to run properly for children

According to experts, the “running” which is performed at moderate intensity and adapted to the physical condition of each child is a good choice. We have all seen that children mimic the actions of their elders. So when the question comes “Papa, can I join?” We must be prepared. “Running for a child must be, above all, a game,” explains Dr. Eva Ferrer Vidal-Barraquer, author of the book “Change your life, get to run” (Ediciones Oniro). “It is always easier to do sport if it is a fun activity that he does not feel like an obligation,” he adds. That is, he continues, “if we decide to go jogging with them, we have to approach it as a moment of pleasure and let them give their opinion at any time about it.”
Ferrer also recommended following a set of guidelines that can lead to the child continue with this hobby throughout his life. Psychologically it is important, says this doctor, “that the child receives positive reinforcement from their parents. If they explain to their children what they feel when running, children will understand. But great care. Keep in mind that children are not small adults, they have special characteristics that must be taken into account. For this, we need to be flexible and adapt physical activity the child, and their ability to get accustom to exercise “. In this article, we will give you tips to run properly for children.

How to involve a child in the ‘running’

First of all, tips to run properly for children, parents must be “sensible” and “responsible”, says Ferrer. “That child will never feel he is an obligation. It must be a game and as such a fun activity. ” To do this, there are a number of tricks that parents can always start. For example, choose a circuit or room to run is not boring. “Thus, the familiar phrases” get tired “,” I’m bored “will not appear, or as little, they take to say. We must be realistic” said this doctor. Another advice is to take the small open spaces between nature, beach, park … So feel free. Besides the adult will discover firsthand flowers, trees … and many other things that you probably have not ever set previously. ” And besides, “the child get off steam, they said our grandmothers. And that is something we all appreciate. ” Out of all tips to run properly for children, this is the most important.
This would be the plan to follow that appears in the book “Change of life, please run”, which is programmed according to the child’s age:

The smallest up to 5 years

If the running is the chosen activity has to take into account that doctors and coaches advise not to start running below age five. Until then certain maturity is not reached in the manner and posture required to run, the child is easier to get the injury. “And as we have said before we recall the doctorate, if we want the child to enjoy it, should be part of a game and he feels he is not forced, we do not go with demands.” For kids at this age, it is advisable to opt for best shoes for plantar fasciitis . (more…)


Breville Espresso-best home espresso machine

Why wouldn’t you consider buying an Breville Espresso? Maybe you would like to be the owner of an espresso machine that can make cups of high quality grade espresso coffee from home. The espresso maker should look attractive and have a high degree of functionality and durability. Of course, there are espresso makers produced and designed in other countries that make good espresso, but a Breville Espresso is close to a work of art. They are beautiful as well as functional.

Breville Espresso-

The word espresso comes from an Italian word signifying “to express”. This was intended to imply that the coffee would be prepared and served very quickly. A perfectly made cup of espresso will have a sweet taste with a potent, rich aroma with a flavor that is like the recently ground coffee from which it is made. It is entirely possible to make and enjoy such coffee at your home without the need of traveling to a commercial espresso shop.


If going to the corner java shop is getting too costly or the barista is making you a triple size espresso when he sees your face coming thru the door, you know you it’s time to go shopping for your very own Breville Espresso. It has become so common the last 10 years we rarely make our own coffee any longer, we purchase and a whole industry is designed around our coffee needs.

In the mean time you don’t need an financial adviser to tell you that anyone can save a quite a bit of bucks when you instead of going out just make your own espresso at your house or at your work place. Every cent helps and with getting your own espresso machine you can save your money and still enjoy your caffeine buzz.

What style of espresso maker do you want?

You want to do your researching when you are looking to buy a best home espresso machine for your home seeing as there are many different types of espresso machine reviews . There’s the steam powered kind plus the pump driven kind and lots of of the real coffee lovers say that there is a big difference between both. And if you want to trust them the pump driven espresso makers are providing, although higher priced, the finest quality. (more…)

Bottecchia road bike will be the choice of the professionals

Many people cycling to fitness but with cyclists of the classic race, the name of Bottecchia road bike became too familiar. This brand is the top priority selection with most of them. When you are not a cyclist or a collector, you will be in a divided mind as to how to choose. However, this brand has itself the collection of a bicycle that any cyclists also want to own. To help you get best road bikes under 1000, Ezroadbike will support for you several famous brands of the Bottecchia bike.

Bottecchia road bike

One of the perfect brands for Bottecchia road bike line is Cf66 Pro.

It is owned a frame which is enhanced by a carbon fiber fork. In addition, both a Shimano Ultrega derailleur and shifter are supported for this type of a bike. Moreover, you will be owned a bike with full of power because it is equipped FSA SLK carbon fiber and Mega-Expo bottom bracket. It can say that all cyclists want to have this bike.

If you compare the Bottecchia CF662 with the Bottecchia CF66 Pro, both will have several different features. The Bottecchia CF662 also has the Shimano Ultrga derailleur and shifter. Even, it not only is owned 105 components and the FSA Gossamar alloy crank but also has s ISIS bottom bracket and a Vuelta Pro wheel. In comparison with the Bottecchia CF66 Pro, this bike is better. This is also the choice of racers on the weekend. Are you ready? Let’s begin for your adventure with the Bottecchia CF662. (more…)

Remembering your first guitar


The best beginner guitar is one of the best memories of a person’s life. A lot of memory may be attached with the guitar, when the person started his musical life. No matter how simple or how the cheap the guitar was, but whenever someone used this, it meant to the world to him.

Even, no matter how various types of guitar did he use in later in his whole life, but he will never the memories, those he gained with his best beginner guitar. And it will always carry a great pleasure to him indeed.

Each guitar – each life

However, it would be better if a person can store his first life’s guitar. Because it’s not just a musical instrument, but it also such a memory that the person had in his past. But it is quite tough ask indeed.

Because if facing so man situations and troubles, a person may not be able to take care all his favorite equipment, but if he can do this, then very few matters can be as great as it for sure. So, for your own pleasure, you should take care of your own equipment and show it to your next generation too. (more…)


Trampoline Enclosure-Find the best trampoline reviews

Best Trampoline reviews enclosure net is safe

When you see someone happily jumping on the best trampoline 2016, the first thought that hits your mind would be the danger that is involved in the whole aspect of bouncing. You might wonder what happens if the person lands on the ground instead of landing on the best trampoline. That would be a scary thought but you really don’t need to be scared because there are solutions for all types of problems. Are you wondering how? Well, buying a safety net is a solution. They call the safety net as trampoline enclosure net. It is almost like an accessory that you can buy either along with your best trampoline or separately. It is nothing but a safety net that comes along with a few rods.


Firstly, know how to measure a trampoline. Once you do that, you will get a fair picture about the kind of Trampoline Enclosure net that you need to buy. A net would definitely save you from uncontrollable jumps. When such a thing happens, the result would be an injury. When kids play, they seldom have any control over the way they jump on the trampoline. Sometimes, they may lose balance or sometimes they may fall in the wrong places. Imagine the situation where you are busy working in the office and your kids are busy playing with the trampoline at home. In such a situation, if anything wrong happens, it would scare you to death because there would be no one at home to take care of your kids while they jump recklessly on the trampoline.

In such a situation a safety net would be reliable protection which can save your children from injuries. This way, the trampoline enclosure serves a very important purpose. Of course, you must also remember something else here. What happens if a person accidently hits the enclosure rods? That would also be dangerous. Minor injuries might occur if the person hits either the screws or any of the sharp edges of the enclosure. Here, you must remember that choosing a cheap safety net would be dangerous. Even before you purchase something, you must be very particular about the equipment’s quality and the safety standards that are offered.


Best Trampoline enclosure-enjoy fun

Your safety is always a bigger priority compared to fun. Of course, fun is definitely important in life. Even before finding a way to have fun you must always find out a way to remain safe. None of your fun activities must end up as tragedies. This is the reason why you must be very calculative whenever you are planning to have thrill which has an equal chance for an injury. Life is completely uncertain and no one knows what happens next. That is the reason why ensuring more safety methods and ensuring that you take calculative risks would prove important in life. If you are a professional jumper, that is an entirely different case. But if you are buying a trampoline to gift it to your wife or kids then you must really pay attention to what you are doing. Here your intention is to give lot fun for your wife and kids. But what happens if fun turns out to be a risk? Only a trampoline enclosure can be a ray of hope when time is not on your side.

more information about track and field (more…)


Track and Field

History of Track and Field:

Track and field is a team sport made up of many individual competi – tions.The first structured track and field meets took place in 776 BC in Greece. The original competition involved long jump, javelin, discus, wrestling, and running. This was the only athletic event of the games for the first 13 Olympic festivals.
It is a game where both men and women participate, but the events for men and women are different. For many years track and field was considered a purely amateur sport and athletes could not accept training money or cash prizes. In the beginning of 1920s track and field is scope widened. The first NCAA national championships were held for men in 1921, and women is track and field became part of the Olympic Games in 1928.



Track and Field is a game which involve wide variety of events including walking, running, jumping, and throwing events. Athletes earn points for their team by finishing in a scoring place, ranging from three to eight places for individual scoring and one to eight places for relays.The team with the highest total points wins the game.
The running and hurdling competitions constitutes the track events, while the jumping and throwing contests comprise the field events. Running track has eight lanes, and races are run counterclockwise. There are many types of running events which includes sprints, relays, and distance races. Sprinting events include the 100 m, 200 m, and 400 m races. The relays are the 400 m, 1600 m, and 3200 m races. Distance races includes the 800 m and 3200 m distance.
Hurdles means obstacles. Obstacles are placed on the tracks. Generally there are 8 to 10 hurdles are placed at certain distance.
In Throw event the goal is to throw the different objects like discus, shot, and javelin as far as possible. The athletes with the top 8 or 10 furthest throws advance to the finals.
The jumping events are made up of horizontal jumps and vertical jumps. In horzontal jumping, the athlete with the farthest jump wins; in vertical jumping the athlete with the highest height wins. The jumping event involves: Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, and Triple Jump.

Read more about history of tennis (more…)


History of tennis

origins of tennis are lost in the mist of time. History of tennis is hard to trace.Some people belived that tennis originated from a 12th century French game called paume (meaning palm). It was a court game where the ball was struck with the hand. Later rackets were used.


The theory says that the name tennis derives from the Egyptian town of Tinnis alongside the Nile and the word racquet evolved from the Arabic word for palm of the hand. The 1st tennis ball was made of leather stuffed with wool or hair. Although the origins of tennis are not very much clear, many experts believe that tennis was invented in 1873 by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield, a British army officer. Tennis was earlier called Lawn Tennis. After 1800 game was popularised in Europe and rules were formalised. In 1877, the game rules were standardised. In the 1880s the British Army and Civilian Officers brought the game to India.
In India, regular tournaments like ‘Punjab Lawn tennis Championship’ at Lahore (which is now in Pakistan) (1885); ‘Bengal Lawn Tennis Championship’ at Calcutta (1887) and the All India Tennis Championships at Allahabad in (1910) were organised. In March 1920 All India Lawn Tennis Association (AILTA) was formed at Lahore. In Davis Cup ties between 1921 to 1929 India beat among others France, Romania, Holland, Belgium. Spain and Greece. The concept of tennis underwent a change in 1968 with Wimbledon and other tournaments going professional with prize money for the players.

Lawn Tennis is a game which can be played indoors as well as outdoors on a rectangular court by two persons (in singles) and by four persons (in doubles). The rectangular court is required to be 78 feet long and 27 feet wide. The court is divided at the middle by net. The players use rackets to strike a ball across the net. The objective in this game is to score points by hitting the ball in such a way that ball moves out of the opponents reach and opponent cannot return it successfully. A player who gains 4 points with an advantage of two or more points over the opponent wins a game. 6 games make one set. A player who gains two out of 3 sets wins a match

History of softball


History of Softball

Softball is a variant of baseball and a popular participant sport.Like soccer,it is played by men as well as women.In November 1887 in Chicago, George Hancock, a reporter for Chicago Board of Trade, invented softball. He invented the game as a form of indoor baseball. Hancock appended 19 special rules to adapt the outdoor game to the indoor game. The rules were officially adopted by the Mid Winter Indoor Baseball League of Chicago in 1889. The softball was earlier known as Kitten ball. The name softball came out in 1926. Softball was finally accepted as an Olympic sport in 1991.

Types of Softball:Softball-Injury

There are two forms of softball which are described below:
»Slow pitch
»Fast pitch
When speaking about Slow Pitch Softball, a familiar name comes to mind, Jerome Earnest. Without him, there wasn’t much softball history.In slow pitch softball, a pitched ball must describe an arc with an apogee at least above the batter’s head. In order for a strike to be called, the ball still must cross the plate between the batter’s shoulder and knees, or land in a small area directly behind home plate. The strike zone can vary from league to league and umpire to umpire. Because of the requirement for an arc, the pitcher must throw the ball relatively slowly. There is no such restriction in fast pitch softball. (more…)


History of soccer

It is impossible to say with certainty where and when soccer started. There are evidences which emphasize that there exists a game which involves kicking a ball into a small net . This game was used by the Chinese military during the Han Dynasty – around the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC.inscreen_football

The Greeks and Romans were also involved in a variation of soccer which permitted ball carrying. The early Olympic games in ancient Rome featured twenty-seven men on a side who completed so vigorously that two-thirds of them had to be hospitalized after a fifty-minute game. In King Edward’s reign of England (1307-1327), laws were passed that threatened imprisonment to anyone caught playing soccer. Laws, however, failed to stop the sport, which had earned official sanction in England by 1681.
A historical record of the development of soccer in England shows that Eton college had the earliest known rules of the game in 1815. The first official men’s Olympic soccer tournament dates back to the 1908 London Games, where Great Britain defeated Denmark to claim the first soccer gold medal. Since that time soccer has been part of every Olympic Games Program, with the exception of the 1932 Los Angeles Games.

Soccer in India:

Soccer was carried to continental Europe, South America, and India by British sailors and settlers, and it gained instant appeal wherever it was demonstrated. In 1908 the sport was made a regular Olympic Games event. In India, Soccer mania is always at its peak in Kolkata which is the capital of West Bengal, with a rich tradition of club football.

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